This page contains a list of technology tools and instructional resources MTA participants have found useful in their classrooms. If you have any questions regarding these tools, please contact the person listed next to the tool.

A link to the Master Teacher Academy Project Based Learning book study: Project Based Learning book study ning

  • Google Applications (Samantha Walder, Sarah Wilkinson, Mary Peters, Dawn Wiebers, Pam Johnson)
  • Wikis - (Anne Moege, Jonette Burns, Nichole Tarr, Samantha Walder, Becky Mohr, Lynn Arnold)

  • Blogs (Samantha Walder, Dian Versteeg, Anne Moege, Becky Mohr) edublogs/ blogger/ wordpress
  • Twitter (Dian Versteeg, Peg Henson, Samantha Walder)
  • WebCT/Blackboard (Laura Snow) - If you're interested in setting up a course in WebCT you can contact the K12 Data Center
  • Website development - (Dana Berg) parent communication, weekly newsletter, class pics, etc.
  • Shutterfly website development - classroom communication for parents (Crisse Meisenhelder)
  • Edmodo - (Julie Alton)

  • Animoto (Sheryl Larson, Mary Peters, Julie Alton) on-line slide show developer-easy to use!
  • Artsonia (Kristi Desaulniers) - On-line kids' art museum
  • Camstudio and Windows Movie Maker (Julie Alton)
  • Flip Cameras (Dian Versteeg, Becky Mohr, Megan Moline, Mary Ellen)
  • Glogster (Sarah Wilkinson, Julie Alton) digital posters
  • Go Animate (Samantha Walder)
  • IPod Free Apps (Samantha Walder, Sarah Wilkinson)
  • Movie Maker (Jonette Burns, Mary Peters, Anne Moege, Mat Nelson, Julie Alton)
  • Nero (slideshow and movie making program) ---- (Rebecca Rittenour) Photo compilation site
  • One True Media (Samantha Walder, Sarah Wilkinson) on-line slide show developer
  • PhotoStory (Melissa Knox, Mary Peters Lynda Vanhuizen) Get pictures from Flikr, edit in Picasa or Picnik, use Powerpoint to add text in different fonts, colors, and locations and save as JPEG.
  • Prezi (Julie Alton) Non-linear presentation tool
  • Voicethread (Elizabeth McGeough, Becky Mohr, Michelle Hanson)
  • Voki (Elizabeth McGeough)
  • Wordle (Sarah Wilkinson, Mary Peters)
  • XtraNormal (Julie Alton, JoAnne VerMulm) - Type in a script and create a movie
  • Ted Talks - Sir Ken Robinson Says Schools Kill Creativity
  • Mediator (Jonette Burns) - Create webpages

Critical Thinking

Problem Solving
Chemsitry activities---(Dawn Wiebers)

Civic Literacy (Joanne Bohl)

Brain Based Learning (Becky Mohr)

Global Awareness (Kjerstin Nelson, Nicole Valnes)
Instructional Resources
  • Achievement Series (Michele Andrews) Ach. Series Create online quizzes/tests that kids also take online and teacher can gain immediate feedback. Questions already written based on standards or you can write your own
  • Brain Pop (Michele Andrews , Jennifer Deibert) Short (5 minute or less) videos of information on endless topics. Funny and interesting. Includes a quiz after each video as well as related activities. Use as individual or whole class activity. (some free videos, pay for full use). Can search by South Dakota's standards, grade level.
  • Exploravision (Michele Andrews) Total 21st Century Project Based Learning. Students work in teams to come up with an invention (think toilets that test urine, anti-bully robots etc.), reseach if that invention already exisits and in what forms, create a final product to sell the invention and create a model of it. A competition by grade level. Winners get a trip to DC, Toshiba computers, savings bonds, etc. I won it when I was a 5th grader for a milking machine invention and have been back to speak to more recent winners.
  • Senteo (Michele Andrews) Quick Start Guide Senteo or CPS(Clickers) are used for Formative and Summative Assessment; students answer in with remote multiple choice, T/F, number answers and teacher can make a report of data
  • SmartBoard Lessons (Becky Haenfler) This is a great webpagae of different lesson plans. You can search either by grade level and subject, or by a standard.
  • Thinkfinity - (Sheryl Larson) - Thinkfinity an educational web portal with 1500+ learning objects
  • (Rebecca Rittenour) - Plagiarism checking program
  • Polling (Peg Henson) Gain anonymous audience feedback
  • Portaportals (Nichole Valnes, Sharlene Lien, Megan Moline, Kersten Dobberpuhl) An organizational tool that allows you to share websites from any computer

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Video on generational differences - Digital Students @ Analog Schools

Watch this Digital Generation Project video about a student who learns and shares digital skills despite not having her own computer. (see upcoming events-free! St. Cloud, MN-Aug. 4th)

  • whole brain teaching/power teaching
Great website for chemistry teachers (