PBL Starter Kit: To-the-point Advice, Tools and Tips for Your First Project in Middle or High School by the Buck Institute for Education
Spotlight Projects
p. 13
High Tech High Projects
Search the High Tech High website, including a project search feature by grade level and content, to find ideas to begin your own PBL experience.
Spotlight Projects
p. 16
Envision Schools Project-Censorship
Review the project summary, activities, and assessments for this PBL called "Banned in America."
Spotlight Projects
p. 22
Contact David Ross, former teacher and now director of professional development for the Buck Institute, about his US History PBL.
Spotlight Projects
p. 26
Ohio Resource Center for Mathematics, Science, and Language Arts
Use the search tool on the ORC website to search for PBLS in math, science, and language arts.
Getting Started
p. 34
Virtual Project Library
The Project Library page on the BIE website houses links to 17 virtual project libraries with projects for all grades levels.
Planning and Preparing
p. 69
Enable Student Collaboration-GSU
eHow-Collaboration Skills
These 3 sites offer ideas on how to emphasize (or introduce) fundamental skills for working in groups like time management, collaboration, and cooperation before you embark on a PBL unit with your students.
Planning and Preparing
p. 70
Critical Thinking Consortium
Critical Thinking Community
Critical Thinking Project-Washington State University
Mind Tools-Problem Solving
Mind Tools-Brainstorming
Use these resources to help your students develop a foundation to think critically, solve problems, and ask good questions.
Planning and Preparing
p. 71
Public Speaking Tips
These resources will assist your students in learning how to present what they have learned.
Planning and Preparing
p. 71
Project Management Tools
Help students manage time and tasks.
Planning and Preparing
p. 72
21st Century Information Literacy Lessons by Grade
Information Literacy Resources
Teach your students how to do research and effectively use and evaluate resources with these online lessons from AT&T's Knowledge Network, CyberSmart!, and Library Support Staff.