Reinventing Project-Based Learning: Your Field Guide to Real-World Projects in the Digital Age by Suzie Boss & Jane Krauss
A link to the Master Teacher Academy Project Based Learning book study: Project Based Learning book study ning
1, p. 23
Organize, tag, and sort your bookmarks and follow others' delicious bookmarks.
1, p. 23
This site allows you to annotate, highlight, and place notes on websites to share collaboratively-listed in the book as Furl, now Digo. Very cool!
1, p. 23
Read, post, and share top news stories in a variety of categories.
1, p. 24
George Lucas Foundation Educational Website share videos, ideas, information, resources, lessons on PBL.
1, p. 24
PBL online
PBL resources for middle and high school students. The Project Planning forms provide a great tool for mapping out your project before you begin and remind you of all those little things you might have forgotten.
1, p. 24
National Educational Technology Standards for students, teachers, and administrators
2, p. 33, 34
Classroom 2.0
Global Education Collaborative
Tapped In
Social networking sites designed for educators focused on computer technology and global awareness; k-16 educators, librarians, students, and researchers meet to collaborate, share, and learn
2, p. 36-37
Google Lit Trips
Google Lit Trips use Google Earth to create placemarks along the road maps of great literature. This 5 page PDF offers tips and instructions for building your own lit trip. Check the archives for completed trips to use with your class.
2, p. 38-39
CIESE collaborative science projects
GLOBE earth science project
Tutorial for Collaborative PBL
Internet Project Registry
Journey North-wildlife migration
Review or join existing collaborative projects. The Tutorial provides great ideas for creating your own project, and the Internet Project Registry offers a checklist of categories and then matches projects that meet your criteria.
3, p. 54
Visual Thesaurus
visual literacy resource-requires Java
4, p.62-64
Project Approach for Early Childhood
Buck Institute
PBL resources
5, p. 76
Scrap Action
nonprofit organization shows teachers how to incorporate reusable materials into environmental and art projects
5, p. 83
Assessing Projects
Create rubrics for your projects or review various assessment strategies and ideas.
5, p. 87
Text Pattern
Thinking and Writing Wrinkles for elem
Free web spaces that combine content management framework and blogging engines
6, p. 96
free online survey tools
6, p. 104
Netvibes screencast tutorial
screencasts for feedback
screencasting tips
Top 10 screencasting tips
all about screencasting-tips and tutorials
6, p. 110-111
Library of Congress Memory Project
United Nations school projects
US Geological Survey science education
Ask for Kids
Yahoo! Kids
primary source sites and student friendly search engines
7, p. 116
iTunesU has replaced the Apple Learning Exchange mentioned in the book. iTunesU can host all digital content created or curated by educators. The content can be downloaded and viewed with any Mac, PC, iPod, or iPhone.
7, p. 122
podcast directions
ALL about podcasting
The podcasting directions come from teacher's blog and includes how his high school class did PBL with podcasting. The ALL about podcasting is a very thorough overview of everything you did (or didn't) want to know about podcasting, including examples, project ideas, technical directions, equipment recommendations, etc.
8, p. 131
flat classroom project
This site is an archive of the 2007 project. You can view the project start to finish, including documents, sites, more.
8, p. 136
The Thinking Stick
Blogger Jeff Utecht gives insights on 21st century skills, technology, and global education.
8, p. 137
Montana Heritage Project
The Heritage Project teaches young people to care about the place they live, including both the natural and the cultural environment by making it the subject of serious study. Students are invited to think deeply and clearly about the world around them as they explore the place they live: its relationship to the natural environment, its connections to national and world events, and the many cultural beliefs and practices that shape its unique character.
8, p. 137
Tulalip Elementary School
This website houses a multimedia project used to preserve the native language of this Indian tribe, who lives in Washington State.
9, p. 145
Reviewing Student Work
The Academy for Educational Development has developed a comprehensive process for reviewing student work as an integral part of assessment, expectations, and curriculum review. See the whole process and all its documentation.
10, p. 152
Classroom Displays Blog
Linda Hartley blogs about creating educational classroom displays and give tips and websites to increase the educational value of your classroom bulletin boards and utilize them in projects and student work.
10, p. 154
Classroom Displays Photos
See photos of classroom displays from around the world to get ideas for use in your room or to share your own photos.
Appendix A, p. 168
Library of Congress for Kids
National Archives for Educators and Students
World Factbook
Primary Source Repositories and archival collections
Appendix A, p. 169
google docs
Zoho Virtual Office
Create a Graph
more collaboration tools
Appendix A, p. 172
mind mapping tools
Appendix A, p. 173
Virtual Manipulatives
google sketchup
resources for math and science teachers, visual representations for all strands of math
Appendix A, p. 174
google sites
free web hosting services
Google sites is formerly google page creator. Anything you may have created and saved in page creator has migrated to google sites.
Appendix A, p. 178
free video chat services
Vickie and I used ooVoo, and it is very cool and easy to use!
Appendix, p. 179
Children's Digital Library
more resources
Appendix, p. 180
My Yahoo
Create personalized desktops and homepages for your students to access anywhere and anytime to give students a space to work and the tools they need for their projects.
Appendix, p. 181
Free blogging sites
Blogmeister hosts blogs from classrooms in other states and countries and is a great way to collaborate with other students and teachers or to get ideas.