In-service/Presentation Plan
Presenters Name: Brittni Badger, Dean of Education, Peg Henson (SDDOE)
Audience: University of South Dakota School of Education students
Time frame: 60-90 minutes
Lesson title:
Introducing the 21st Century to Future Teachers

This session will provide an introduction and overview of:
ü 21st Century Skills
ü 21st Century Themes
ü 21st Century Standards
ü Technology Education Standards
ü Available resources and effective ways of incorporating technology into the lesson plan
ü Importance of technology in the classroom
ü Assessment for the 21st Century

This session will allow the Dean of Education to address students in the School of Education about the importance of technology and the introduction of 21st century skills. In addition, the session will allow me (Brittni Badger) to address my peers and offer resources, tips, and strategies I learned throughout my summer working for the South Dakota Department of Education. I will use this opportunity to present and share what I have learned for my fellow students and introduce my supervisor Peg Henson who will give an in-depth look into the 21st Century classroom.
Essential Questions to guide this unit/lesson and focus teaching and learning:
1.) What is 21st Century Skills and Themes?
2.) What is the difference between 21st Century Standards and Technology Standards?
3.) What are teachers using in their classroom to enhance technology and incorporate 21st Century skills and themes? (Resources)
4.) What are effective assessment strategies and approaches for the 21st century classroom?

The Audience will understand:
ü What the 21st Century skills are
ü What the 21st Century themes are
ü Difference between 21st Century standards and technology (difference between 21st Century skills and technology)
ü The effectiveness of specific and varied approaches to assessment in the 21st century classroom
ü Why technology is important to incorporate into the lesson

Technology & Web 2.0 resources needed (hardware and software, websites)
- Projection Screen or possibly a SmartBoard
- List of available resource websites for audience, a few examples:
a.) Voicethread
b.) Animoto
c.) Microsoft Movie Maker
Procedure (learning activities)/ lessons of unit
v Introductions and handouts.
v Dean of students addresses School of Education students about the importance of technology into the classroom and how the School of Education plans to improve technology education with the School of Education.
v Brittni Badger gives brief overview of her internship with the South Dakota Department of Education including the following topics: Laptop Leader’s Institute, Educator’s Summer Symposium, Master Teacher Academy participation, and available resources that will help enhance lesson plans by incorporating technology.
v Peg Henson will give her presentation to educate students on the 21st Century Classroom including issues such as: the skills, the themes, the standards, assessment, incorporation, and information of the topic coming from the state’s level perspective.
v Closing, questions, and thanks.

Strategies that can teach any student
Please indicate the strategies used: Discussion, visual examples (videos, procedures, slides), handouts
Describe application of above strategy or strategies below
Discussion: Speakers will present their information and audience is allowed to ask questions during any part of the session
Visual Examples: Speakers will use Power Point to help present their information and use computer to provide visual examples of resources and tools.
Handouts: Handouts will be given to audience with list of resources and helpful information (such as the standards, 21st Century Skills Partnership Rainbow example, and the skills and themes.
Assessment Method/s and description
There will be a Q and A at the end of the session for audience and an optional online survey to complete.
Resource List
MTA Wiki

SDDOE Tech Ed. Standards Wiki
Resource (addressed in the session) websites or applications