Teachers will present an overview of their Project Based Learning lesson. All teachers must present their lesson at one of the times listed below. You may listen to any or all presentations, but are only required to present once. Each person will present for about 6-7 minutes, so sessions will be limited to 9 or 10 presenters each session. There will be a brief Q & A session at the end to clarify any participant questions. Simply sign in to the wiki, click edit, and type your name for the preferred session in the schedule below. If you have any questions or difficulty signing up for a time, please contact vvenhuizen@edec.org or joutka@edec.org.

Sharing sessions will be done electronically using Adobe Connect Pro; you will need a computer with internet access to participate. Each sharing session will have a link posted next to it. Click the link to join the session at the indicated time and date.

Presentations should include
  • a brief overview of the project
  • benefits to student learning
  • things you might do differently next time
  • student/parent reactions.

March 31 (Th) (4:30-6:30)
April 6 (W) (4:00-6:00)
April 6 (W) (7:00-9:00)
Archived Session
Archived Session
Archived Session
Britany Reber
Gayla Martens
Tracy Chase
Kimberly Kludt
Rachelle Loven
Wendy Emo
Beckie Mower
Michelle Hanson
Amanda Ahrens
Amanda Thronson
Cindi Chandler
Jason Kurtz
JoAnne VerMulm
Lynda Venhuizen
Melissa Bruna
Marsha Weiland
Sue Brokmeier
Troy Goehring
Diana Koch
Karol Baer

April 9 Sat (10:00-12:00)
April 18 (M) (3:30-5:30)
April 18 (M) (6:30-8:30)
April 26 (T) (4:30-6:30)
Archived Session
Archived Session
Archived Session
Archived Session
Sarah Schmidt
Marcy Colwell
Tina Schmutterer
Laura Snow (http://gmmsmusic.wikispaces.com/6th+GradeJazz+Talk+Shows)

Kersten Dobberpuhl
Crystall Becker
Jeanne Conner
Peggy Reiter
Jill Earll
Sonja Ortman
Sara Klawonn
Katrina Bauer
Denise Swenson
Cathee Bruinsma
Marta Hoffman
Linda Kimmel
Amanda Olinger
Jackie Jandl
Lynn Arnold
Sandi King
Sue Mercer
Crisse Meisenhelder
Jennifer Deibert
Pam Johnson
Mary Ellen Manning
Donna Howes
Mathew Nelson
Russ Reed
Ann Kontor
Angie Wilken
Sara VanZee
Donneley Kay

Megan Moline
Brenda Waterbury
Amanda Lehrke
Aldena Ecklein
Lindsey Presuhn
Teri Kinsley

Roxanne Everhard

Emily Garcia

Stephanie Schoellerman

Lynette Heitz

Renae Eckstrand

Nancy Appl

Kilee Baker

Hyrma Zakahi